Sponsored by Linten Technologies

In my first year competing professionally, I am delighted to be sponsored by IT Support and Consultancy company, Linten

Linten’s Support

As my primary sponsors, Linten have gone above and beyond to support my racing career.  As a business, Linten are dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), providing the right tools and consultancy to help their business grow.

Financial Investment: Motorsports is certainly not a cheap activity to get involved with! This sponsorship deal has enabled me to be far more competitive in the upcoming championships. Thanks to Linten’s support, I will be able to attend more events than ever this year, gaining experience and reaching new audiences.

Website Hosting: Sharing their IT expertise, Linten offered invaluable help creating a professional online platform for my growing personal brand. As Nominet members, they registered my domain name and took care of all the admin. They also designed my website, contributed the photographic content and provide full web hosting services.

Visit the Linten website for more information about hosting a professional online platform for your business or hobby.

Hands-on Mechanical Engineering: As a group of expert IT engineers, the Linten team are no strangers to complex installations and hardware management. Whilst preparing my car for the track, the Linten team were often on-site to help with some of the bigger modification jobs. They are always keen to lend an extra pair of hands!

Personal Support: Alongside my grandparents, Linten have been my biggest supporters on my journey so far. Every member of the team goes the extra mile for both colleagues and clients, which creates a really warm and enjoyable work environment. Beyond that, Linten have encouraged me to follow what I’m passionate about outside of work. They even arrange monthly team-building events at the local GoKarting track, where I still hold the company title!

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How Sponsorship Furthers my Career

I have always been interested in motorsports, from a very young age, but struggled to fund such an expensive hobby. Linten’s sponsorship will allow me to gain crucial “real world” experience and get used to the competitive format.

I’m becoming an increasingly competitive driver and have my sights set on progressing into single seater racing. Thanks to Linten’s funding, I hope to be able to transition into a more high profile branch of motorsport, such as Formula Vee or MX5 Cup. Watch this space!


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